Holiday Card Adventure – Click3x
Produced at: Click3x
My Roles: 2D Animation and Compositing

Executive Creative Director: Ders Hallgren
Executive Producer: Rob Meyers
Art Direction, Concept and Design, Project Lead: Kun-I Chang
2D Animators: Kun-I Chang, Seth Minnich, Daniela Echevarria, Esteban Montes, Vince Perretti, 
Adam Pearlman, Andrew Hess, Ephraim kehlmann, Ryan Duggan, Sara Odze, Myung Cha

My Specific Roles:
2D Animation and Compositing
Edit Layout and Final Conform
Asset Management
Project Continuity
Assisted Art Director

To build your own adventure, try this link (there's a possibility it may no longer work):

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