Euro Cup 2016 Broadcast Package – ESPN
Produced at: Imaginary Forces
My Roles: 3D Texturing, Lighting, Animation and Compositing

Creative Director: Jeremy Cox
Art Director: Theo Daley
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Senior Producer: Will Arnold
Production Coordinator: Krista Templeton
Designers: Theo Daley, Maggie Tsao, Henry Chang, Patty Wong, Hannah Sung, Jan Nygren, Michael Cina
Animation/Compositing: Henry Chang, Sekani Solomon, Seth Minnich, Adam Tanner, Nathan Goodell, Ned Piyadarakorn, 
Patty Wong, Hannah Sung, Dave Rogers, Cyprian Sadlon, Mark Thompson, Chris Vincola, Pat Arrington
Paint Wrangler: Max Strizich
Systems Management/Render Wrangler: Matt Carroll

My Specific Roles: 
3D Animation of all 24 Team's Country's Crest in English and Spanish 
3D Final Compositing of the Country Crests
2D Animation and Compositing of Country Crests

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